The Circle of Gratitude: Part Four – Finding the People

This is the fourth Part of The Circle of Gratitude Story series. Be sure to check out the Whole overview and introduction here. Full archives at the bottom of the post.


The Circle of Gratitude is a platform for people to create gift relationships within a community of individuals desiring to support each other.


The Circle of Gratitude is a dream that has been evolving over the last while and one in which I desire to co-create with others. I presented the above sentence in the first post of the series, along with a breakdown of each key word related to the story. In these subsequent posts I will expand further upon each word with the intention of creating greater clarity within myself and others through story, rhyme, and colourful illustrations. Enjoy the adventure!



Part Four: Finding the People


People – Who is “they” anyways? They say that anyone who is wanting to discover and free their creative potential (a.k.a. living in the gift) through supportive relationships will be into the Circle of Gratitude. Inspired by the gifts of someone, or receive value from another someone, and want to support them with monitude? Then you are also people!


Verse 1

Tuning into each other at a depth such as this, abyss

did enable the tribe to avoid the looming edifice, paralysis

removed and freedom integrated, complete metamorphosis, abiogenesis

giving life to organic matter, the ultimate antithesis.

Verse 2

What was it that this near-away world did fate, create

something to fill a need so simply intimate, appreciate

the gifts of others in a way to circumnavigate, differentiate

each and every unique vibrational expression reverberate and accelerate!

Verse 3

With the power of intention the people of this tribe did sight, unite

their story of value with creativity to reignite, invite

those with complementary missions of sunlight, birthright

to give our gifts in total freedom, the rest just feels much too tight.

Verse 4

Remembering their connection to the one staring back, a lack

just didn’t relate to the tribe’s experiential almanac, cul-de-sac

returning to wealth within relationship, flicflac, yakkityyak

translates into a beautiful world to unpack and paddywhack!




I look forward to connecting with you if you see/hear/feel yourself in this story. Follow the breadcrumbs. Thank you for your support/shares/feedback/monitude along this journey.  ::)

Skye Dreamer



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(P.S. I wrote of this story in the past some time ago – although the concept has evolved, feel free to explore the archives for more of the back-story about living in the gift and the Circle of Gratitude – The Circle of Gratitude: Seeding the HeartThe Circle of Gratitude, Uniting Work and Play Through the Gift: Part One and Part Two). 

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