A Timeless Affirmation

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A Timeless Affirmation



As I bring my awareness to the present moment, I observe thoughts passing by like clouds.
There is never nothing going on.

As I bring my attention to the timeless Now, I release all that is limiting my full presence.
I experience a peaceful acceptance.

All of my attention is in this moment, I relax into my body, my breath, and my senses.
My mind is quiet.


I feel life within every cell of my body, a free flow of brilliant life force.

The inner world and outer world are but reflections.


My time is my time.
I consciously choose where to direct my creative potential in every moment


My life is my gift, my gift is my art.


I choose to create.
I am an organic being, who’s rhythms are aligned with natural rhythms, not mechanical clocks


I release all time related stresses and anxieties
I release my enslavement to the clock
I can afford to
I have nothing to fear


Everything is happening right on time


This moment is all that exists
I choose to live it in a way that creates smiles


This moment is very important
Are you giving it your attention?


One step at a time




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